Bee XML Data Standardisation

The Apimondia Bee XML working group is developing and improving standardisation for bee health data by sharing
expertise and efforts to better communicate data.
Bee XML is a self-describing data format that allows
the exchange of data on bees and beekeepers.

"Let’s imagine what could be done with hundreds of thousands of beekeepers around the world reliably sending primary data to a place that could merge them with secondary data and analyse them."
Joseph Cazier & Walter Haefeker
Members of the BeeXML Apimondia Working Group

Apimondia Bee XML working group

In the context of the Apimondia International Apicultural Congress, representatives from the beekeeping world and researchers specialised on bee health founded a new working group on data standardisation. Our goal is to work together with relevant stakeholders to provide a new standard for beekeepers, researchers and authorities to share a standard way to collect and communicate data on bees and their environment.


Governmental institutions, academic research projects, and breeding programs of beekeeping associations inevitably gather data about bees and beekeepers. Unfortunately, these databases become data islands, and the information is of limited value for the beekeeping community as a whole. BeeXML is a proposal for all actors to link these islands and exploit the benefits of data.

The BeeXML Journal

BeeXML’s foundation is to be a defined, worldwide standard. Experts are welcome to join the discussion to help guide the future of bee-related data. A new Bee XML journal is now available, where you may find more information or submit an abstract.

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